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10 possibilities within WTO

1. Constructive settlement of commercial disputes

Based on higher volume of commerce and trade worldwide, as well as on the number of countries and commercial companies, possible commercial dispute presence is also increased accordingly. In this regard WTO will help solving the disputes which may arise in a peaceful and constructive manner.


2. Defined play rules

Time checked and practical play rules seem to be one of the advantages of WTO which facilitate the course of discussions as between WTO member-states.


3. Price reduction

Free trade resulted from the liberalization of the commercial policy and reduced protection barriers will significantly increase the import of goods, but basically will assist in reducing price of the imported goods. Thus, free trade will be a force to reduce the expenses of the customers worldwide.


4. New technologies coming

Higher import volume would provide for the new equipment and technologies to appear.


5. Possible selection of the desired, not necessary, product

Possible import of all goods and services provides customers with the possibility to select, and not only the required, but the desired product to meet customer’s demand and need as well as the requirements to quality.


6. The encouragement of economics

Higher import will not only provide for new technologies to appear and wider goods and services range, but also encourage domestic production to invest into the development of diversification of production and thus improve the competition and the level of commercial interaction culture.


7. Growth of production

Higher production level in basically the competent fields as power production, raw material and processing areas.


8. Protection of domestic production from anti-dumping measures and quota limitation

Within WTO the creation of favorable conditions for domestic production is an actual possibility by elimination of anti-dumping measures and quota limitation.


9.  Development of the production cooperation

With WTO there would be more possibilities for the creation of joint ventures, joined research and the exchange of intellectual property with other states. 


10. Higher business activity

Within WTO there would be a possibility to attract additional investments. In addition, the attraction of western financial corporations would open new sources of cheap and long credits.