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Objectives and tasks of accession

  • Strengthening of process of integration into economic;
  • Decrease in tariff and not tariff barriers in trade in the industrial and agricultural goods, the further liberalization of international trade and creation of conditions for a free and fair competition in the world markets;
  • Regulation of international trade by services on the basis of the developed principles and rules, its further expansion and gradual liberalization by negotiation;
  • Creation of the mechanism of effective protection in the field of trading aspects of the rights to intellectual property taking into account distinctions in national legal systems;
  • Creation of the effective multilateral mechanism of settlement of trading disputes;
  • Realization of monitoring of a national commercial policy of member countries of the WTO;
  •  Availability of the world markets to export of the Kazakhstan goods and services;
  • Reduction of the trading legislation of the country in conformity with the international norms and standards;
  • Formation in the country of the predicted trading-investment environment;
  • Maintenance of functions of "a trunk-call platform» for periodic carrying out of multilateral trading negotiations.